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Go Doggie Playcare is proud to offer a fun, unique
experience for your dog!

Set on 40 acres with many different doggie play yards, we put together groups of dogs that compliment each other's personalities for a day of fun! We are a farm-based facility with dogs of our own as well.


Go Doggie provides a place for your dogs to feel safe, have fun, and interest themselves in socializing with other friendly dogs through play. It is a place for your dog to be a dog.

Go Doggie Playcare is a great place
for your dog to make new friends!
So, why is daycare so great?  Here are a few reasons:
  • Save your couch! Dogs that are left at home may be left to participate in behaviors that are unfavorable, such as chewing and other destructive ways.

  • It can help fearful, timid dogs come out of their shell and start socializing with both dogs and people better—often by learning from other dogs.

  •  It can give owners a way to exercise those dogs that seem impossible to wear out.  And, for people with low to normal energy dogs, 1-3 days of daycare per week can be enough to exercise your dog for the entire week!

  • It can help dogs with separation anxiety learn to be away from their owners.

  • It keeps dogs socialized in a safe setting—and a well socialized dog means less chance of aggression and anxiety.


Drop Off:                                     Pick Up:
7 AM - 9 AM                              4 PM - 6 PM
While we love our time spent with the dogs (24/7/365), it is important that we, our staff, and all the dogs, are able to have “quiet time” during our off hours. Therefore, we prefer all drop-offs and pick-ups occur as stated above, whenever possible. 
“Quiet time” at Go Doggie is when the dogs are not barking to let us know that a car just pulled in the driveway.

We are CLOSED for Daycare on Major Holidays such as:


Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Day

4th of July
& Observed Holidays

If you arrive past 6:30 and have not contacted us,
we will charge for an overnight stay.




a day
Specialty Care


a day

* Please Contact Us about Additional Dog Discounts. *


We offer discounts for prepaid playcare packages.


Packages can be bought through the comfort of your own home on our Gingr Customer Portal.





*Dogs that require Specialty Care *

  • Dog or Toy aggressive

  • Unharmonious temperament/play style

  • Decreased mobility issues

  • Unneutered Males

  • Females in heat

  • Shy or uncomfortanle in pack settings

  • injuries that require rehabilitation

  • Intricate medication schedules/administration

Call or Email us today to schedule your Free Farm Tour!
(207) 326 - 4010


Due to insurance restrictions, Go Doggie cannot admit Pit Bulls or Staffordshire Terriers for any services. This includes breeds mixed predominantly with these breeds.

Please understand this is not a reflection of how Go Doggie and

Go Doggie’s staff feel about these breeds.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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